Lusaka pastor calls for high morals in society

Mon, 27 Feb 2017 10:24:14 +0000



DECAYED morals have an effect not only on the individuals practicing immorality but on the families, societies and nations, says Divine Assignment Ministries pastor Martin Mwale.

Pastor Mwale said that was s0 because when a man began to walk and operated without moral uprightness, it meant that there would be loss of values, principles and norms needed for human dignity and preservation.

He said some of the most evident results of decayed morals were high divorce rates that led to many broken homes, murder, robbery, theft, corruption, sexual immorality, unwanted pregnancies, abortion and high spread of HIV/AIDS.

Speaking in an interview, Pastor Mwale said society’s morals had decayed because people loved money more than God and would go to extremes to get it.

Meanwhile, Rehoboth Mkaddesh Ministries general overseer Bishop Haggai Mumba has said society equates satisfaction in life with prudence, pleasure or power and the ethical doctrine of natural human fulfilment which was key to moral decay.

Bishop Mumba said that all society talked about was human rights and not the Bible and the conflicts today were on freedom.

“We who have no say in people’s rights are the people needed when they die and the question is why their rights can’t take them to their graves?

‘‘Human rights are political and social concepts referring to guarantee of freedom and justice because in human rights drinking is part of a right and so is having a boyfriend or girlfriend at the age of 16,” he said.


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