Lusaka residents call unity of purpose in the nation

Fri, 16 Dec 2016 12:44:46 +0000

CONCERNED Lusaka Residents have called for unification, peace and order as Zambia crosses over to a new year.

The residents said that there was need for all people to put aside their political, tribal, racial and religious differences and unite as one for the benefit of Zambia.

They charged that it was important for Zambia to crossover to 2017 as a happy and united people who could stand together despite their various different beliefs.

Carol Kaonga a resident of Kabwata said that people needed to move past everything that happened in 2016 especially incidents that characterized the August 11 general elections.

Ms. Kaonga said that people needed to continue with their lives and strive to make Zambia a united, peaceful and orderly country once again.

She said that the differences that people had should not make them become enemies but instead learn to live together in harmony.

“We should move past the  August 11elections as a country and just embrace one another even as we approach a new year, we will always have differences like they say in Bemba ‘imiti ikumyene taibula kukwesana’, which simply means that as long as we live in the same country we will have differences every now and then.

But those differences should not result in conflict where people start injuring each another.

And Donald Chisanga a resident of Chilenje area said that it was important to embrace the spirit of peace and unity and learn to live together as one.

Mr. Chisanga further said that Zambia had always been known to be a peaceful and united country and hence the need for Zambians to embrace each other.

He charged that it is unfortunate that some people still want to be bitter and cold towards one another all in the name of politics, when the nation is supposed to be moving forward and those injured recovering after the elections.-Millennium Radio 90.5FM


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