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By Grace Chaile

ANY machinations by Zambia Boxing Federation (ZBF) president Thomas Chileshe to block other candidates from participating in the forth-coming elective annual general meeting (AGM) will not be tolerated, says Midlands Amateur Boxing Association (MABA) general secretary Christian Kalima.

Kalima told the Daily Nation in an interview yesterday that MABA was aware that Chileshe wanted to twist the constitution to deter especially those eyeing his post from contesting.

He strongly advised the ZBF president not to declare victory because he will face a tough challenge on January 21.

“All the affiliates are aware that Chileshe wants to block some people from contesting the elections next month. Let him not even try to misinterpret the constitution. This time he will be knocked out,” he said.

Kalima said MABA had confidence in the National Sports Council of Zambia (NSCZ) and the minster of Sports Moses Mawere to ensure elections were free and fair.

He said Chileshe should exhibit good governance and accept opposition for the development of the sport.

“It is shocking that this man cannot accept challenge from anyone, what is his fear? He should accept that his time has expired and must pass on the button,” he said.

Kalima accused Chileshe of failing to promptly pay the K5, 000 affiliation fee to NSCZ despite clubs paying their membership fees to the association.

He disclosed that MABA would this week announce the candidates contesting the posts at the AGM.

But when contacted for a comment, Chileshe maintained that ZBF will use the same nominations from last year for the January 21 elections and therefore was unopposed.

“MABA can continue to spread falsehood but I will use the constitution to ensure the elections are held in accordance with the statutes. I am not intimidated by any one,” he said.



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