Make Lusaka-Ndola road dual-carriage way,MP

Mon, 13 Feb 2017 07:59:57 +0000


THE Ndola-Lusaka dual carriage way needs to be worked on urgently for the safety of the citizens and economic benefits to the country, Bwana Mukubwa Member of Parliament Jonas Chanda has advised.

The law maker said the road has economic value because Zambia was land linked and most vehicles going to neighbouring countries passed through the country to reach their destination.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily Nation, he said most vehicles coming from Southern Africa passed through Zambia to get to Eastern Africa.

Dr. Chanda said the road was too narrow and had not been rehabilitated since the colonial years, adding that with the growth in population in the country the challenge of the road being narrow needed urgent attention.

“There are a number of accidents that have been recorded on this road because it is narrow and we should not wait until such a time when more people die to work on the road,” he said.

He appealed to the Government to consider working on the road urgently.

He said the road was poorly marked, adding that this led to a number of fatalities on the road especially between Kapiri Mposhi and Ndola.

He advised that what had been done to the road between Ndola and Kitwe should be done for the stretch of the road from Kapiri Mposhi to Ndola.

“The dual carriage way from Ndola to Kitwe has been worked on and since this was done we have observed a reduction in the fatalities recorded on that road,” he said.


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