Man impregnates sister in-law, lands K10, 000 fine

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A 40-year-old woman of 1o miles has dragged her son in law to court for impregnating her daughter.

Gertrude Munkumba has sued Londo Mubambe, 20, of the same area for deflowering and impregnating her daughter Rebecca Munkumba, 20.

However, Mubambe denied impregnating Rebecca stating that he stopped their relationship after he married her older sister.

Munkumba told Senior Court Magistrate Miyanda Banda sitting with Magistrate Pauline Newa at Matero Local Court that last month she discovered that Rebecca was pregnant and she named Mubambe as the man responsible of her pregnancy.

Munkumba said she was shocked because Mubambe was her son in-law who at one time fixed the roof of her house free of charge.

She explained that when they sat to resolve the matter Mubambe denied responsibility and said that he stopped the relationship with Rebecca a long time ago.

Rebecca testified that they started the relationship with Mubambe in 2013 and were making love at his house.

She testified that Mubambe continued having sex with her even after he married her older sister because he claimed she was  his first girlfriend.

Rebecca testified that on 2017 New Year they made love at a tavern and that Mubambe was the only man who she had sex with. She was now six months pregnant.

Magistrate Banda said that virginity damage was making love to a girl who has never made love with any man without the consent of her parents.

He said that Mubambe admitted making love to Rebecca who said he was the only man she has had sex with.

He ordered Mubambe to compensate Munkumba with

K10, 000 with initial payment of K1, 500 followed by monthly instalments of K500.


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