Many people still shy to publicly access condoms-NAC

Sun, 29 Jan 2017 10:17:43 +0000



URGING youths to refrain from sugar daddies and mummies is key to fighting the HIV/AIDS scourge but it is worrying that most people are still shy to publicly access condoms, says National AIDS Council Acting Director General John Mwale.

Mr Mwale said that there was need to invest more in behaviourial change among young people through the dissemination of right messages on sex and stated that the issue of sugar daddies and mummies also fondly referred to as ‘blessers’ and ‘blessies’ was a major factor to the spread of HIV infections.

He said this on Friday when the institution received 250 units of both male and female condom dispensers from the United Nations Population   Fund, adding that despite people knew where to access condoms from, they were shy of being laughed at or seen to be promiscuous.

Mr Mwale said that it was important to make the right choice which would save one’s life by using a condom unlike fearing to be laughed at.

“The issue of blessers and ‘blessies’ is real. Young people are unfortunately putting their lives at risk for monetary or material gains. We need to invest more in behaviour change and disseminate right messages.

“I do not know how many of you can publicly pick up a condom. It is shocking that despite information dissemination, many people are still shy to be seen publicly accessing condoms for fear of being laughed at or seen as promiscuous but you have to make a choice that can help save your life or someone laughing at you,” Mr Mwale said.

And Mr Mwale implored the media to continue spreading messages on HIV prevention, saying they were key partners in the fight against the scourge.


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