Mast evades Daily Nation legal papers

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THE Daily Nation Newspaper has failed to serve the letter of demand, for a retraction and apology, on the Mast Newspaper because there is no known address of their physical residence.

Ordinarily letters of demand are served at the physical addresses of the newspaper producers and publishers, but these could not be located. Not even the printers could be located.

Even the vendors on the street have no idea where the paper is printed as it is delivered uncollated at the various selling points where it is then collated for sale.

The letter has since been served by email.

The letter to the Commissioner of Police Nelson Phiri has since been delivered and acknowledges at the Police Service Main Registry.

Daily Nation advocates have confirmed that all addresses registered as their residences have proved unresponsive.

Information obtained from the Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) indicated that the information the directors gave was insufficient to identify their location.

The Daily Nation has demanded for an apology and a retraction of an article published in the Mast issue No.0140 on pages 1 and 7 under a headline “Daily Nation Lying”, attributed to Lusaka Province Commissioner Nelson Phiri.

Mr Phiri  reportedly told the Mast that he did not inform the Nation that Interpol was involved in the search for the whereabouts of Fred M’membe, owner of the Post  of the Post Newspaper currently in liquidation who has failed to honour a court warrant.

The Daily Nation has demanded for an apology as well as retraction of the news article by the Mast newspaper for publishing the article without making attempts to verify the authenticity or truthfulness or the correct position of the statement by Commissioner Phiri.

The  Nation, a spokesman said, did not take kindly to spreading false, destructive and defamatory rumours about it, which was unacceptable and as it would damage the publication’s reputation in society which was unlawful under the Zambian laws.



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