Mental information crucial to fight against child abuse

Sun, 29 Jan 2017 10:14:43 +0000



THERE is need for the government to improve access to mental health information for all the citizens if the fight against child abuse is to be won, says Social Workers Association of Zambia (SWAZ) publicity and information secretary, Ireen Kangwa.

Ms. Kangwa said those advocating for the wellbeing of children should consider investing in mental health so that lives of children would be protected from abuse.

Reacting to the story of a woman of Lusaka’s Chazanga compound was sentenced to four years in prison for blowing the fingers of her nephew with fireworks, Ms Kangwa expressed shock at the level of heartless of the woman.

“We sternly condemn the torture on the child and I am sure the woman that inflicted such pain on the child should have issues pertaining to her mental health because it was not normal for someone to abuse and disable a child in such a way, ”she said.

She said a woman by nature had a soft spot for children because of their motherly instincts and wondered how a sane person could engage in such an act.

She said there was need for organisations involved in the wellbeing of children to beef up on the mental health and advocacy campaign to see the root cause and the reason why people were engaging in such acts of abuse especially on children.

She called on non-governmental organisations (NGOs)to increase campaigns on the fight against child abuse.

“As an organisation we are playing an advocacy role in ensuring that we reduce the cases of child abuse in Zambia  and it is sad that despite many polices being put in place  the trend of children being abused has  continued, “she said.


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