Ministry of education asked to supervise schools in Kanyama

Wed, 22 Feb 2017 11:38:20 +0000



The Ministry of General Education should supervise operations of community schools in Kanyama Ward 10, says councillor Brighton Bilumba

Mr. Bilumba said that there are more than 5 community schools in his ward which were not in good shape.

He said community schools like Good Shepherd, Libonene, Mukwiza, and Fighting Poverty needed the attention of Government under the ministry of General Education to help them improve their standards.

He also said the community schools had many challenges among which infrastructure and under staffing were the major ones.

“Our community schools’ infrastructures are very poor and the sanitation leaves much to be desired,” he said.

Mr. Bilumba said these community schools used pit latrines and were a hazard during rainy season as most of them are flooded are causes  of many water borne diseases around the schools.  “We are working hard with the area Member of Parliament to ensure that sanity is brought back in the
constituency,” he said.

The councilor has also called on the department in charge of dispatching desks to schools to also consider community schools.

He said most of the community schools did not have desks and pupils sat on the floor during classes.

“The schools also have a challenge of uniforms for these pupils and most of them go to school in their own civilian clothes,” he said.

The councilor also said the schools were under staffed due to financial challenges from stakeholders and they relied on untrained teachers.

“We are appealing to the Ministry of General Education to introduce some workshops to orient and help these untrained teachers deliver quality education to the community,” he said

The councilor also said that education wass key in every aspect of success and therefore Government and stakeholders should work together to help the vulnerable.



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