Miyoba Mweene:mixing gospel music with school

Sun, 25 Dec 2016 10:50:08 +0000


By Terence Miselo

Budding gospel songstress Miyoba Mweene is looking at becoming a perfectionist in as far as music is concerned which the reason she doubles her singing with school.

Miyoba musically called Miya is pursuing music and psychology in an effort to fully utilize her art and mission to minister to her followers.

“I am actually pursuing music at degree level and am also doing psychology. So, I am studying two degrees at the same time,” she says.

Miya adds that education is very important and artistes in general must take it seriously.

“I believe in perfectionism and I strive to do the best. Education should therefore be every artiste’s desire because we can’t take music for granted,” she advises.

Despite her busy education schedule, Miya says she manages to minister through music because that is her calling.

“Sometimes it is hard but I manage. I have travelled many places to sing for God. Just recently, I was in Botswana ministering to people through music. When I sing for God, it really satisfies my soul,” Miyoba says.

Her debut and only album so far is called, ‘Too Far to Look Back’ and has a collection of 10 tracks with a fusion of classic jazz and soul gospel melodies. Some of her popular songs include, ‘Tamvani’, ‘Blown Away,’ ‘Buumi’ and ‘I am going home’.

“2017 has a lot to offer. I have some events lined up for me and am working on new music. I have composed a number of songs with a jazz feel and I think my fans will enjoy these soothing melodies,” Miyoba said.


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