MMD U-turns on expelling MPs

Fri, 30 Nov 2012 08:30:17 +0000

MMD yesterday held a caucus meeting with its members serving in the PF government and decided not to expel loyal Members of Parliament because it will be costly to the party and the nation.

According to the meeting which was called by party president Dr. Nevers Mumba, attended by Vice president for political affairs Dr. Michael Kaingu and four  of nine MMD MPs serving in the PF government, it was decided that loyal members should be guided on how to conduct themselves with respect to the appointments.

The meeting which lasted about four hours also resolved to deal with Josephine Limata, Luampa MMD MP, Richard Taima, Solwezi East, and Elijah Muchima from Ikelenge who had snubbed the crucial meeting aimed at addressing the challenges the party was facing with MPs who had crossed to President Sata’s government.

Nicholas Banda who is Deputy Agriculture Minister was not in attendance too although he was considered loyal to the party.

Among the MPs who attended the meeting was Local Government Deputy Minister Follie Tembo, Keith Mukata and David Phiri Tourism and Art and Dr. Patrick Chikusu Deputy Health Minister

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