M’membe, Mutinta invited trouble-3rd LM

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FRED M’membe and his wife invited trouble on themselves to seek sympathy from the Zambian people and so they deserve whatever is happening to them because they are not above the law, 3rd Liberation Movement (3rd LM) president Enoch Tonga has charged.

Mr Tonga said that Mr M’membe and his wife Mutinta deserved the trouble they were currently going through because they had
invited it upon themselves.

He said in an interview with the Daily Nation that Mr M’membe should have anticipated that his stance and arrogance would lead to an arrest.

Mr Tonga wondered what kind of treatment Mrs M’membe, who is director of the Mast Newspaper, expected after tearing the search warrant.

He pointed out that the couple was running into conflict with the law to seek sympathy from the Zambian people.

Mr Tonga explained that it had always been a norm in Zambia for law breakers to face arrest and that there was nothing unfair about Mr M’membe and his wife to be incarcerated for abrogating the Constitution because they were not above the law.

“Trouble was invited by Mr M’membe himself, those are the cartels I have been talking about trying to bring down government. He has ignored court orders and his wife also tore a search warrant, what kind of treatment do they expect after that. They are just seeking sympathy from the Zambian people, but they are not above the law to do whatever they want,” he said.

And Mr Tonga emphasised that it was totally unacceptable for Ms M’membe to tear down the search warrant, adding that even the rich and powerful should be able to respect the law. He advised all the people who were busy condemning the arrest of Mrs M’membe to let justice take its course.

Mr Tonga reiterated that the law should be able to visit any person who abrogated provisions of the republican Constitution regardless of their status in society.



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