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By Terence Miselo

Renowned model and health activist Sphiwe Benasho tomorrow leads several people in a special ‘Drive through Matero Aerobics Experience’ organised by the Sphiwe Benasho Foundation and Kapwepwe Ward Councillor Patrick Salubusa.

Benasho who is also Pink Diamonds Model Training founder says the initiative is to promote fitness and general good health especially in compounds.

“We will drive through the compound, stop at any open space, do some exercise and move to another point around Matero,” she says.

“We are waking up Matero residents this Saturday. We will first meet at Levy Junction at 05:30 hours then drive in a convoy in the compound. We will make three random stops in the area and exercise with the people.”

Benasho insists that this is also to make people realise that fitness and work outs is not only for people in high-class residential areas but for everyone including those in compounds like Matero.

The partnership with Kapwepwe Ward Councillor is ideal because he in his other life as a comedian speaks on behalf of townships and compounds commonly referred to as ‘Komboni’. For this reason, it will be an opportunity to preach fitness and good health in an entertaining way.


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