Motion to impeach Ndola deputy mayor flops

Mon, 03 Apr 2017 13:26:48 +0000

THE impeachment motion of Ndola Patriotic Front (PF) deputy mayor Kennedy Kasabo collapsed on Thursday after the councillors failed to make up a quorum.

Ndola Town Clerk Ernest Sumani confirmed that the motion to impeach Mr Kasabo was tabled in a council meeting.

“Yes, I can confirm that motion was tabled before a council meeting on Thursday. But it did not meet the required two thirds majority, so the motion failed and the deputy mayor is still in office,” Mr Sumani said.

Mr Sumani however refused to give further details, stating that the issue will be explained at press briefing later.

He said the matter came up when PF chairperson for elections Jean Kapata addressed the councillors and council management in the council chamber at Ndola City Council.

PF councillors passed a motion to impeach Mr Kasabo on suspicion that he had been leaking information on plans by the local authority and passing it on to Copperbelt minister Bowman Lusambo.

According to the source who sought anonymity, other charges against Mr Kasabo included his alleged failure to provide leadership to fellow councillors.

The source further said that the relationship between the Mayor Mr Amon Chisenga and his deputy had broken down irretrievably, forcing the councillors to pass the motion because the situation was a barrier to progress on council plans.

“The councillors failed to meet the two-third vote majority during the full council meeting. Twenty-one signatures to move the motion to impeach the deputy mayor Kasabo were collected from councillors prior to the meeting,

“However on material day, only 11 councillors out of the 21 showed up and it has been alleged that they were bribed.

There is a serious standoff between the Mayor and the Copperbelt minister (Bowman Lusambo) whom the mayor has accused of overstepping his authority and being involved in the business of the local authority,” said the source.

Mr Kasabo could not be immediately reached for a comment.


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