Mpombo’s son convicted for murder

Fri, 23 Dec 2016 09:31:31 +0000


GEORGE Mpombo’s 17-year-old son has been convicted by the Ndola High Court for murder and aggravated robbery in a case in which the juvenile is said to have gruesomely murdered Ruth Phiri of the same age.

Delivering judgment in the case in which Mr Mpombo’s son, murdered Ruth Phiri who was at the time his girlfriend, Ndola High Court Judge-in-Charge Emelia Sunkutu said there has never before been such horror of crime committed by a juvenile who had taken life of another.

Judge Sunkutu in her judgment said the murder of a female juvenile by Mr Mpombo’s son had left an indelible mark in the history of the Zambian Judiciary.

Justice Sunkutu described the murder as heinous and that had affected the family of the deceased and the Zambia’s populace.

She said it was her prayer that no similar crime should ever be committed by another juvenile as the crime committed by Mr Mpombo’s son could only have been an act of the devil at the worst.

Judge Sunkutu has reserved sentencing to 27th December, 2017, stating that she could not hand out any sanction without a social welfare report and that the death sentence was not an option in cases involving juveniles.

She ruled that she was convicting Mr Mpombo’s son for murder contrary to section 200 CAP 87 of laws of Zambia for causing the death of the 17-year-old female, Ruth Phiri.

Relying on circumstantial evidence, the court ruled that evidence on record was not disputed or challenged by the juvenile as the deceased shared an intimate relationship with the accused.

Justice Sukuntu said from the record, it was clear that the juvenile had hatched the plan and murdered the deceased by shooting her in the head which evidence was confirmed by pathologist.

The court established that Mr Mpombo’s son had been seen with a Pistol which he claimed was for prestige and was registered in the name of former Defence Minister.

Justice Sunkutu, however, said it could not be established that at the time Ruth was shot and killed, she was pregnant.

She said what was established was a headless body discovered buried in a shallow ground and the head of the deceased girl was picked up in another location wrapped in a plastic bag.

Judge Sunkutu said the prosecution had established the case beyond reasonable doubt that the offence of murder was committed with malice and aforethought.

In the aggravated robbery charge, it is alleged that the juvenile on January 16, armed with a firearm, attempted to rob a Mr Lewis Mpundu of his property.

Judge Sukuntu stated that the prosecution had established the case beyond reasonable doubt.

“The court has said death sentence in your case is not an optional. It is fine. You will go through it all. Just remain strong. We shall see you next week when the court sits again. Just remain strong,” Mpombo told his son as he hugged him.


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