MPs promoting tribalism, says Sinkamba

Mon, 27 Feb 2017 10:28:45 +0000



TRIBALISM has seriously divided Zambians and it is sad that the vice has now been adopted by Members of Parliament who are supposed to debate matters of national interest, Green Party president Peter Sinkamba has said.

Mr Sinkamba said it was disappointing that the Zambian people had succumbed to tribalism that he said had seriously divided the nation.

He said in an interview with Daily Nation that the divisions were now being openly portrayed in different parts of the country.

Mr Sinkamba reiterated that what was ‘‘even more scaring’’ was the fact that parliamentarians were also exhibiting tribal traits as they debated in the House.

He expressed concern at the increasing tendencies of Members of Parliament issuing tribal remarks in Parliament at the expense of debating matters of national concern.

Mr Sinkamba said it was worrisome that the country was undergoing divisions at a time when there was great need for unity.

“It’s sad that even parliamentarians who are supposed to discuss and debate matters of national interest now resorted to tribal remarks. Tribalism has seriously divided the country and it’s actually at a wrong time when there is need for unity,” he said.

Mr Sinkamba pointed out that the primary responsibility of MPs in Parliament was not with the political party they belonged to but the people they represented.

He however said that most parliamentarians in Zambia had completely forgotten about their primary responsibility and concentrated on their allegiance to political parties.

Mr Sinkamba advised the parliamentarians to desist from engaging in tribal politics and keep in mind that they were expected to lead by example.

He explained that MPs in the tendency of issuing tribal remarks in Parliament were setting a bad precedent on their followers.

Mr Sinkamba said that there would not be sustainable development in the country if it remained divided and people did not work together.

He stressed the need to put aside tribal sentiments and work together towards development as a nation despite tribe, race or political affiliation.


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