Mulongoti sued for impersonation

Thu, 05 Jan 2017 10:50:47 +0000


PEOPLE’s Party president Mike Mulongoti is in court on allegations of impersonation and making false malicious statements involving board chairman of MKP TMS Hospital Limited.

This is in a matter in which the Hospital board chairperson, Mohamed Yazd Mebzouk has submitted before the Lusaka High Court that Mr Mulongoti was a politician and that he “purports to be a Director of the company” when in fact he was not.

Mr Mebzouk alleged that as a purported self-imposed Board Chairman, Mr Mulongoti expressed the desire to constitute a new board and arrange for the first board meeting.

He accused him of uttering sentiments attributed to the defendant that there were, in fact, directed at discrediting him as board chairman patterning company financial transactions he made or had such authority.

This was at a meeting allegedly convened by Mr Mulongoti and held in the company boardroom and attended by several members of the hospital management and staff, that the hospital was embroiled in a bank loan which was obtained fraudulently using the hospital name, some of it which could have been externalised.

He complained that Mr Mulongoti’s sentiments at a meeting, he allegedly convened on November 8, 2016, implied that actions taken by the board chairperson were detrimental to the company due to the nature of the so-called illegal externalisation of funds and suspected tax fraud.

“The plaintiff further understands that the words in so far as they were uttered to company employees instead of a duly convened board meeting, were calculated by the defendant to discredit the plaintiff in his position as chairman of the board of directors and meant to lead the employees to believe that the plaintiff is ill qualified to continue holding such a position.

He charged that Mr Mulongoti’s wife, Betty Mulongoti, was the minority shareholder at the hospital, but that it was him who made claims about illegal funds transactions including bank loans which have not benefited the hospital.

He complained that Mr Mulongoti further accused the board of transferring assets which belonged to MKP TMS Capital Limited to MKP Capital Limited which company allegedly was not a shareholder.

He has since requested the court to retrain the politician from his continued plans to take over the company operations as aforesaid using unorthodox means as alluded to.

He has also requested Mr Mulongoti to retract malicious statements and apologise to the plaintiff although that request has not been heeded to.


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