Mulongoti vows to end corruption

Wed, 01 Mar 2017 13:17:18 +0000




WHEN we are elected into power, we will sweep out corruption, People’s Party leader Mike Mulongoti has said.

Mr Mulongoti said he will continue to remind people of the fact that some of the problems they were facing were not as a result of the economic downturn but because of corruption.

He said the current Government was not active enough to sway people from issues to do with corruption because all those who abused public funds must be condemned.

Mr Mulongoti said President Edgar Lungu must begin to act on what he says he will do because people will not refrain from corrupt activities unless he acted on it.

He said the people that worked with President Lungu were corrupt and the President had done nothing about.

“I know you cannot wipe away corruption altogether but efforts must be made to ensure that those who engage in corrupt practices are punished but we have seen none of that,” he said.

Mr Mulongoti said there was nothing wrong with people earning money lawfully but those that extended their hands on what was not lawfully theirs must be condemned and punished.

He said there was no effort at all from President Lungu because the President put himself in the open to say he had corrupt people in his government. ‘‘meanwhile he has not taken affection despite knowing that the people around him are corrupt,’’ he added.

Mr Mulongoti said it was not right to tell people that he will do something and yet does nothing to rectify that problem because that is mockery to the people of Zambia.

“If the President tells the people of Zambia that he has corrupt people in his government and yet does not do anything about it, it means he is enjoying what they are doing because you cannot talk about fighting corruption. If you fail to stop your own ministers, how will you deal with other people?,” he said.

He said that people must begin to stand and demand from the Government because they were the employers as they paid tax and so they had the right to know how their money was used.


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