Mulungushi Textiles closure to benefit people – Kamba

Tue, 07 Feb 2017 14:05:26 +0000



MULUNGUSHI Textiles Limited board member Kennedy Kamba has said the suspension of operations of the facility in Kabwe is meant to allow Government to recapitalize it to serve the interest of the people of Kabwe.

Mr. Kamba, who is Patriotic Front Lusaka Province youth chairperson, said in an interview that Government had engaged a Japanese textile company Marubeni to recapitalise the facility.

Last week, Government suspended operations at Mulungushi Textiles to pave way for works to upgrade the factory and installation of modern equipment.

“Mulungushi Textiles has been closed because Government wants to recapitalize it. We have a contractor moving in from Japan to work on the factory and it’s only going to take 18 months and when that is opened, it will be marvellous to the people,” Mr. Kamba said.

He said the suspension of operations at the factory were done in the interest of the people, arguing that the suspension was not in any way an indication of Government having failed to sustain the operations.

Mr. Kamba said he remained confident that the move taken by Government would ensure that the interests of the people were met through the modernization of the factory.

“Government will work towards ensuring that it brings these services closer to the people and create jobs. We are very sure that Government’s move is going to serve the interest of the people,” he said. Mulungushi Textiles Limited had not been operational since 2007, leaving over 1,000 residents of Kabwe jobless but it was re-commissioned by President Edgar Lungu in August last year before the suspension of operations last week.  President Lungu said the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) had assumed full responsibility for financing and re-organization of the company whose focus would include fibre production, spinning yarn, knitting and weaving fabric, dyeing, printing and fabric finishing and making cloths.


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