‘Musenge still wounded by the August 11 defeat’ 

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LOSING Patriotic Front (PF) Chimwemwe Member of Parliament (MP) Mwenya Musenge has continued to pursue his August 11 loss in the courts of law because the wound left by his defeat was too big to be healed within a short time,’ says new area MP Mwila Mutale.

When contacted for a comment, Mr Musenge refused to comment on the matter saying he was busy running his club at chillers.

Mr Mutale said Mr Musenge’s decision to petition the outcome of the Chimwemwe constituency election results in the Constitutional Court even after losing the petition in the Kitwe High Court, was a clear indication that the wound left by the defeat in the election was still fresh.

He said in an interview that he expected Mr Musenge to put behind the defeat and work with him in strengthening the party in Chimwemwe constituency, especially that President Edgar Lungu had directed that all those former PF members who stood as Independents should be forgiven.

“After that announcement by President Lungu,I thought it would be the beginning of reconciliation in the party, but it is sad and disappointing that people like our big man Mr Musenge have ignored the Presidential directive and they are pursuing the matter in the courts,

“He has the right to go to court and appeal, but for me, I think the reason for taking this matter to the courts is all aimed at dividing my attention because instead of me concentrating on parliamentary business and the constituency, I am spending time with my lawyers and attending court sessions,” Mr Mutale said.

He said it was sad that instead of putting behind the August 11 loss,  Mr Musenge was still  pursuing the matter to the Constitutional Court  even after losing in the High Court.

“At the High Court, he lost in all the grounds of appeal. Now, he has gone to the Constitutional Court. If he lost in all the grounds of appeal at the High Court, what makes him think he can win at the Constitutional Court,” He said.

Mr Mutale, who is former PF Lubuto ward councillor and Chimwemwe constituency PF, advised the former MP to work towards promoting unity in the party as opposed to sowing seeds of despondency.

He also advised Mr Musenge to desist from issuing unpalatable statements against the party in some sections of the media because people would misunderstand him to be a bitter person.



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