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Dear Editor,

Zambia has recently witnessed mushrooming of tertiary institutions, offering various courses.

While this situation is principally good, NAQEZ is deeply saddened by the quality of education being offered in most of these colleges and universities.

A survey recently conducted by NAQEZ has revealed that most of these new colleges and universities have ill-qualified staff, inadequate teaching/learning materials and operate in very poor environments.

Its very clear that graduates coming out of these learning institutions are of questionable quality. This cannot go without regulation.  NAQEZ therefore calls upon the Higher Education Authority(HEA)to immediately swing into action and bring sanity to this important sub-sector.

As per its mandate, the authority must carry out physical inspections in most of these institutions to ascertain suitability of an institution to offer tertiary education.

We demand that only those colleges and universities which will meet the set standards should be allowed to operate.

NAQEZ will blame the H.E.A if the country will continue to have unfit places being referred to as Universities or Colleges.

Issued by:


Executive Director.


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