Musoma doubts HH’s Christianity claims

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ZAMBIANS are starting to doubt Hakainde Hichilema’s Christianity because of the way he is coming out publicly with statements of hate which are not in conformity with Christian principles, Zambia Republic party leader Wright Musoma has charged.

Mr Musoma said it was sad that someone who was vying for public office was portraying himself in a manner that was questionable to the Zambian people who could give him a chance to be in power.

He said it was advisable that the opposition leader should seek God’s guidance.

Mr Musoma stated that it took a good leader to exercise patience, humility and respect for one another, saying that could be the only way Zambians could be convinced that Mr Hichilema was ready to take public office.

“At this moment Mr Hichilema cannot convince the people of Zambia; the more he talks, the more he is losing out because it is of no good or benefit to the country’s development.

‘‘Mr Hakainde needs deliverance because the way he comes out in public leaves much to be desired and this is in Zambia where we should be guided by the Christian principles.”

He said the people of Zambia had by themselves decided who would be their leader, and therefore it was unacceptable that the opposition leader had continued to mislead the nation with his utterances against President Edgar Lungu.

Mr Musoma told the opposition political parties that being in opposition did not only mean to oppose but to provide alternatives to the government because it was the government-in-waiting.

He said Mr Hichilema was an economist but he had failed to prove to the Zambian people what he could do for the benefit of the nation.

“Now what  could he have done even if he was to be given the opportunity to be the Zambian President that he could not do now, when the country dearly needed people like him to help the nation economically.

‘‘What can he prove to these citizens, and this should be an eye-opener to Zambians what type of a leader he could be,” Mr Musoma said.


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