Mystery fire haunts Ndola family

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A FAMILY of Kabushi township in Ndola has been forced to spend nights outside their house following  a mystery fire that  has been sweeping through their home and destroying property.

A family member Joyce Mwikita told the Daily Nation that the fire started to haunt them last week with the bedroom catching fire first.

Ms Mwikita said the family has lost most of their household property which has been burnt to ashes.

“Last week on Tuesday around 19.00 hours as we sat inside the house we saw a fire come through one of the windows.

“It burnt one of the mattresses. But we could not determine the cause or where it came from,” she said.

She said her sister in law reported the matter to ZESCO and the house was immediately disconnected from the main supply but this did not stop the fires from starting up again.

She explained that the family was then forced to remove the rest of the furniture from the house to avoid further damage.

“But after putting out the fire in an attempt to take the property back in the house, the mysterious fire started from inside the house.

She said despite several attempts to put out the fire, the mysterious fire had continued to torment the family.

“We removed the furniture from the house and while trying to put it back the next day we heard a loud bang and the fire started again

“Since it started on Tuesday it has only been seen on Friday and Saturday but the rest of the days it has been starting from nowhere,” she said.

Ms Mwikita said the fire has since spread to outside where it gutted the property that was taken outside for safe-keeping.


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