Nawakwi funds FDD -Mutayachalo says

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Edith Nawakwi is the sole funder of the Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) Party fior which she is President and any attempt to remove her will derail the party former FDD chairperson for energy Yotam Mtayachalo has observed.

Mr Mtayachalo said that most of the finances of the FDD had been coming from the party president Ms Nawakwi and that the party would stumble financially without her support.

He disclosed in an interview with Daily Nation that if Ms Nawakwi was not given another mandate the party would struggle to find its financial ground through another leader.

Mr Mtayachalo however said that individual members of the party also had been contributing to the party in whatever small way but that Ms Nawakwi was the soul funder.

“Ms Nawakwi like many other party presidents has been the soul funder of the party. So without her the party will struggle to find it ground through another leader. We all have been contributing to the party in whatever small way, I funded the most party of my campaign in the last elections” he said.

Mr Mtayachalo reiterated that there was need for the party to be self-sufficient and that it should not be dependent on any one person.

He advised that the party should have its own sources of income and maybe venture into business to sustain its operations.

Mr Mtayachalo also said that individual members of the party should be able to contribute financially to the party in whatever small way they could.

Meanwhile, FDD national secretary Nathan Mulonga said that Ms Nawakwi was still illegible to contest the party elections at the convention.

Mr Mulonga said that the party was not aware of any court judgement prohibiting Ms Nawakwi of contesting the party elections for a third term.

He said that there was no need to question how Ms Nawakwi had been supporting the party because she had done a lot for the party.

Mr Mulonga reiterated that aggrieved members of the party should not be rushing to the courts but seek an audience with the party leadership.

He said that all members were free to contest the party elections at the convention which he said would be held soon.


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