Nawakwi won’t be allowed to stand again – FDD

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FORUM for Democracy and Development (FDD) party president Edith Nawakwi will not be allowed to contest for a third term at this year’s convention, suspended Lusaka province chairman James Musemuna has vowed.

And Mr Musemuna has declared his suspension as null and void because no one had served him with a suspension letter.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Mr Musemuna said time had come for Ms Nawakwi to pave way for another person to lead the FDD.

He said the FDD in Lusaka would use the party constitution as a bulldozer to remove Ms Nawakwi from the presidency of the party because it bars her from contesting for a third term.

“As long as our constitution does not allow her to stand, she has clocked two terms, we are not going to allow her to stand,” he said.

Mr Musemuna disclosed that Ms Nawakwi decided to suspend him through the media because he was among the members that had refused to support her third term bid.

He said the party constitution was very clear and stated that the president of the party shall hold office for a maximum period of not more than two consecutive terms of five years.

“Over the suspension, I was not called to hear the charge which I had been slapped with. How can you suspend someone whom you have not summoned and you say he should exculpate himself within seven days?” he asked.

“I wish General Tembo could wake up and see what is happening in the party he left (MSRIP),” he said. Mr Musemuna said it was unacceptable and a breach of the FDD constitution to suspend him without summoning or even giving him a letter of suspension.

He said the FDD Lusaka province would not allow the national chairperson Mr Potiphar Chungu to start interfering with the works of the party structures.

Mr Musemuna accused Mr Chungu of overstepping on other people’s roles in the party, adding the he once collected a register of members in Shibuyunji.

He said since 2014 members had been calling for party election but alas nothing had happened.

“We need to clear this mess in the party by going to a convention and follow the party constitution,” he said.



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