New Govt scheme to train young farmers

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GOVERNMENT has earmarked 250 hectares of land for development into an agriculture scheme that will see the empowerment of young people as entrepreneurs in Mporokoso.

Entrepreneurs Association of Zambia (EAZ) president Sylvester Nonde said the youths would be given inputs to grow crops and the association would create a market for the produce.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily Nation, Mr. Nonde explained that Government had set up solar milling plants in the area to process the maize that would be bought from the youths after they harvested.

“We will empower youths by providing them with land, inputs and a market for their produce and once we buy the maize from them we will process it into mealie meal which will then be sold as a finished product in the city,’’ he said.

He said the milling plant in the area would reduce on the cost of transportation and guarantee the farmers more returns on their investments.

He said farmers would no longer have to travel to the city to have their maize processed.

He said the project would also provide employment to other youths that would be employed as labourers and millers at the plant.

“We will be able to process raw materials into finished goods and this will create employment for the local people as there will be a lot of labour and skilled workers required,’’ he said.

He commended Government for providing the land that would change the lives of youths through empowerment and job creation.




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