Newly elected Kitwe MPs cautioned 

Tue, 04 Oct 2016 08:20:51 +0000

RESIDENTS of various constituencies in Kitwe have cautioned their newly-elected Members of Parliament not to get carried away with life in Lusaka to the extent of forgetting about their areas because the repercussions of such actions would be embarrassing after five years.

During a random interview  by the Daily Nation in all the five constituencies in Kitwe – Chimwemwe, Kwacha, Nkana, Kamfinsa and Wusakile – the residents said their respective MPs should not only wine and dine at Parliament Motel, but should deliver on their campaign promises.

In Chimwemwe constituency, Margaret Bunda appealed to their MP Mr Mwila Mutale to work hard and ensure that he left some positive change in the lives of people at the end of his five-year term. Ms Bunda said Mr Mutale and other MPs should know that they were elected to represent the people and not to enjoy life in Lusaka to the level of forgetting about their constituencies.

“We want to appeal to our MPs to remember that they have not been voted to go and enjoy life in Lusaka by going to Manda Hill, Arcades or any such nice places. No. We want them to lobby for development in their respective constituencies,” Ms Bunda said. In Kwacha constituency, Emmanuel Banda said the newly-elected MP Joseph Malanji had the ability to deliver on his campaign promises, but should be reminded that he needed to work hard in the next five years.

In Nkana, Wusakile and Kamfinsa constituencies, the residents urged their respective MPs to make a positive change in the lives of the people after five years. The MP for Nkana is Alexander Chiteme, while Pavyuma Kalobo is MP for Wusakile and Elalio Musonda is MP for Kamfinsa.

They are all expected to leave a positive mark in the lives of the residents in various parts of their constituencies at the end of their first five-year term.

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