Nkombo faces police assault charges

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MAZABUKA UPND Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo is expected to face charges for allegedly assaulting a police officer in the
execution of his duties.

And Speaker of the National Assembly Dr. Patrick Matibini has ruled that UPND chief whip Gary Nkombo and his fellow Members of Parliament were out of order to storm out of the House following a ruling that Mr. Nkombo withdraws an inappropriate statement he uttered on the floor of the House after being confrontational by the Speaker.

Mr Nkombo is alleged to have assaulted Constable Spider Ngoma during a confrontation at a filling station in the Chilanga area in Lusaka last weekend.

Police spokesperson Esther Katongo said that police officers were at liberty to search and detain any vessel or vehicle suspected to have been stolen or unlawfully obtained.

“Section 23 of the Criminal Procedure code, Chapter 88, provides that police officers are at liberty to stop, search and detain any vessel, aircraft or vehicle in or upon which there is reason to suspect that anything stolen or unlawfully obtained may be found,” she said.

According to media reports, a video of UPND Mazabuka Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo alleged to have been arguing with a police officer.

In the video, the police officer was seen aiming a gun at the MP and demanding to search the car.

Ms Katongo said that the Zambia Police Service was concerned with the tendency by members of the public attacking police officers.

“The Zambia Police has noted with great concern the tendency to attack police officers on duty by some members of the public. Recently, a video in which a police officer on duty at Petroda filling station, along Kafue road in Chilanga, was assaulted whilst carrying out his duties went viral with many people drawing conclusions without critically examining or understanding the situation,” she said.

Ms Katongo said that police have instituted investigations into the matter as the police officer concerned had reported that he was beaten and roughed up and once investigations were concluded, appropriate action will be taken.

“To set the record straight, the Zambia Police Service has instituted investigations into the matter as the police officer concerned has reported that he was beaten and roughed up by an identified individual and once investigations are concluded, appropriate measures will be taken,” she said.

Ms Katongo cautioned members of the public that it was an offence to beat, rough up or embarrass a law enforcement officer carrying out police duties.

Ms Katongo said the Police Command was ‘‘impressed by the level of discipline and restraint’’ the attacked officer displayed under extreme provocation.

Dr. Matibini has since warned that he will not hesitate to name and suspend any erring Member of Parliament.

Yesterday, he told Mr. Nkombo that it was unacceptable for him as chief whip of the UPND and member of the Committee on Privileges, Absences and Support Services to exhibit a behaviour that bordered on breach of parliamentary etiquette and decorum of the House.

The Speaker further ruled that Mr. Nkombo’s conduct to challenge Kabwe Central PF Member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube to a physical fight was in breach of the provisions of Section 23 (d) which prohibits a member from challenging another member to a fight and contrary to the etiquette rules, adding that Mr Nkombo was out of order.

Dr. Matibini said this when he rendered a ruling on a point of order raised by Home Affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo who had enquired on March 17, 2017, whether Mr. Nkombo was in order to storm out of the chamber immediately after Dr Matibini ruled against him.

“Members will recall that the point of order was raised following my ruling which directed Mr. Nkombo to withdraw a statement he had uttered that I found inappropriate. “The House may further recall that Mr. Nkombo only withdrew the inappropriate statement after being confrontational with the Speaker,” he said.

Dr. Matibini said Mr. Nkombo stated that he was painstakingly withdrawing the statement and was merely doing so to please everyone.

“Thereafter, Mr. Nkombo resumed his seat, and immediately left the chamber and some other members of his party followed suit,” Dr. Matibini said.

Dr. Matibini said Mr. Nkombo’s conduct ‘‘puts the chair and indeed members of the Committee on Privileges, Absences and Support Services were he was a long-serving member in an awkward position’’.



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