North-West Water and Sewerage Company services irk civic leaders

Sat, 31 Dec 2016 11:11:23 +0000


CIVIC leaders in Solwezi district have accused North-Western Water and Sewerage Company of going to slumber due to failure to provide sufficient water to residents in the district.

The civic leaders for Tunvwanganai ward councillor Kyapalushi Kapatamoya and Kimasala ward counterpart Nephani Kamwandi have appealed to management for the constant supply of the commodity.

The dual made their comments during a live radio programme dubbed “Twiisambe’’ on Kabangabanga community radio.

And Ms Kapatamoya said it is a shame that the utility company was failing to provide the much needed commodity to the people despite the district having perennial rivers.

She said the utility company was not doing enough and therefore, there was need for it to improve its services to the people.

“The utility company has gone to slumber, and they need to wake and do what they are supposed to. People want water at their homes,” she said.

She also threatened to mobilise people in her ward to protest against the utility company.

“Enough is enough, those people are being paid and so they have no excuse,” she added.

And Kimasala ward councillor Nephan Kamwandi who is deputy mayor demanded for the removal of management at the utility company.

He said management at the utility company has over stayed, hence the need to have them removed.

“This mess we are in is as a result of people overstaying in their positions. That is why we are demanding for the removal of such bad eggs,” he said.


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