North-Westerners resolve to unite for development

Tue, 10 Jan 2017 14:22:59 +0000

By Jackson Mapapayi

THE people of North-Western Province have resolved to unite and speak with one voice and advocate for more development in the region.

The decision was arrived at following realisation that divisions amongst themselves had greatly contributed to the under-development the region had experienced in the recent past.

The people have also decided to put their political differences aside and focus on development.

Speaking during a welcome party for Provincial Minister Richard Kapita, Esther Sebele, a freedom fighter attributed the lack of development in the region to disunity among the people in the province.

She said other regions had developed because the people in those regions were united and spoke with one voice on matters of development.

“As long as we are not united, our area will remain undeveloped and we will be blaming government for nothing.  We are to blame ourselves, we are not united, she said.

She explained that both the current and past governments had been initiated various projects in the Province but could not take place due to political bickering amongst the people.

Another freedom fighter, Doris Kazhila urged people in the Province to develop the spirit of supporting one another and avoid pulling down each other.

“Our colleagues in other places support each other. Why can’t we take a leaf from that?  Let us support each other, she said.

And former High Commissioner to South Africa Peter Shengamo advised the people to put their political differences aside especially that the campaign period was over.

He said time for politicking is over hence people should concentrate and focus on the development of the province.

“This is not time to start pointing fingers at who belongs to which political party. Our focus should be how to lobby for development from government,” he said.

Meanwhile, former Solwezi district commissioner Flobisha Fulayi called on the people in the province to give support to the provincial minister.

And Mr Kapita said he was ready to work with everyone in the province regardless of their political, ethnic, or religious groupings.

He said his task was to ensure that development was fostered in the province though the province did not give enough votes to ruling party in the last general elections.


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