Open Letter to the Police Command

Sat, 25 Feb 2017 10:54:40 +0000

Dear Editor,

If there is anything like gross corruption and criminality involving police officers in this country, then Chelstone police tops the list of corrupt police officers of our time.

It has become the practice for police officers at Chelstone police to ask questions like, “why didn’t you apprehend the suspect and bring him to the police station, go and bring the suspect,” whenever you report a case of break in.

One time I reported the case of breaking in, the following day I caught one known criminals in the neighbourhood selling the items that were stolen from the car.

When I called for the police, they came quite alright to the scene and apprehended him but they seemed disappointed to find that it was a man they seemingly use in many robberies, with all the evidence.

They released the criminal the following day and hid the records.

Before that, the father to that known criminal was even mocking us that nothing would happen to his son, bragging that Chelstone police officers are his colleagues.

Now people in that area around Chris Mall have stopped reporting cases to the police knowing that instead the police would be in favour of the known criminal.

The question is: Who will protect the people of this area if this known criminal continues to steal from the community with impunity?

I appeal to the police command to immediately institutes investigations into the conduct of these police officers and dismantle the cartel especially the criminal investigation section of Chelstone police.

If anything, the officer in charge must be demoted and be transferred to a rural area where the levels of crime is low.

Just last night, I suffered another break in and all four tyres from my car were stolen. Again I reported to the same police station, in a similar form, the officers came but instead of getting a statement from the same known criminal, they opted to pick up the father of the criminal for questioning and few hours later the man once more came back from the police smiling that all was well.

What was more serious was the fact that one police officer called me and asked for K300 as payment for a search warrant so that they could go to search for the tyres at the known criminal’s home.

I have no doubt the drama continues as this family and the police at Chelstone go on feasting about the money realised from stolen goods.

If nothing will be done, I intend to go on leave from work until I bring the commander in chief of the armed forces to apprehend the known criminal because I know that he will not let his people down. I need action as soon as possible.

Enock Chulu



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