Parastatals earmarked for overhaul to generate employment

Fri, 24 Mar 2017 13:33:23 +0000



GOVERNMENT is seriously looking at plans to revamp its parastatals to create employment in Zambia, says chief government spokesperson Kampamba Mulenga.

Ms Kampamba said that when parastatals were revamped and ceased being monopolies like the case was with ZESCO, there would be competition on the market.  The minister was reacting to a statement by Zambia Congress of Trade Union (ZCTU) who urged the Government to revamp all parastatals in Zambia.

“As Government, we totally agree with the ZCTU and we even have a new managing director at Zamtel in our effort to revamp the parastatals using the Industrial Development Corporation which was formed to look into issues regarding parastatals,” she said.

Ms Kampamba, who is Information and Broadcasting Services Minister, said that it was in their quest to revive the parastatals that they brought Top Star to partner with ZNBC.

She said that once the parastatals were revived, many people would be employed, which would be a plus because there would be job security in parastatals compared to some of the private companies.

“The Minister of Energy recently announced some successes, it will have new tariffs to serve the customers better, and revenue generated will help in revamping the sector so that more people will be employed especially that there are such pronouncements in Parliament.

“We totally agree with ZCTU and Government is looking at a revival plan for Zamtel so that it can have provincial and district centres,” she said.


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