Patriotic Front is doomed-Nkolola

Wed, 12 Dec 2012 07:58:58 +0000

Former Kapiri Mposhi aspiring Member of Parliament Brian Nkolola says the Patriotic Front Party is headed for doom if the Party Secretary General Wynter Kabimba does not listen to advice from other party members.

And Mr Kabimba has been challenged to sort out the issues that were affecting party members in Chipata if he wants to have a decent exit from the party.

Mr Nkolola said it was worrying that some party members had started labelling others as enemies after telling the truth of how the party was fairing in the remote parts of the country.

He accused some party members of influencing Mr Kabimba to report them to President Sata by insinuating that all critics of Kabimba belonged to the Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND).

Mr Nkolola said the members that were advising Mr Kabimba did not mean well for the party because it was important for party members to advise whenever there was a problem in the party.

“It is very unfortunate that when we advise our Secretary General he accuses us of belonging to opposition political parties. I have been accused of associating myself with the UPND, when I am a PF through and through.

“We want to see our party return to power after 2016 elections and Zambians should have the same confidence they had when voting us into power.

What type of leaders are they if they do not want to heed to advise? It is better to tell our leaders the truth so that the President knows the truth about what is happening in the party,” he said.

Mr Nkolola said that it was out of principle that anyone who says the truth about the party was an enemy of the party.

He said he would not stop talking until the right things were done.

He advised Mr Kabimba to reconcile with the remotest structures in the party and learn to accept mistakes and work on them.

He observed that for the PF to be strong Mr Kabimba should resolve all issues that were affecting the party and also reconcile with party members in order to promote unity.

He noted that the events in Chipata were no different from what was happening in the MMD at present and urged Mr Kabimba to quickly move in and resolve the matter.

“It is sad that party members are fighting amongst each other, a situation which is very unhealthy for the growth of the party. Mr Kabimba should quickly dispose of the matter because most party members were not happy with the way he was handling the affairs in the party.

“I wonder why Mr Kabimba was now taking the law in his own hands and his decision to suspend the entire leadership ofEasternProvinceis a sign that he was failing to put his house in order.

“It had to take ten years to organise the party and if he thinks he is doing it out of the interest of the party then it’s high time he knew he was wrong.

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