PF power hungry elements told off

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 07:09:21 +0000


By Rogers Kalero 

SEVENTEEN Members of Parliament (MPs) of the ruling party on the Copperbelt have described the group of disgruntled PF members planning to form a splinter political party as power hungry elements with inflated political egos.

The 17 MPs charged that they were alive to the schemes by a clique of PF members who had overrated themselves that they would succeed in wrestling power from President Lungu in the next general elections.

Alexander Chiteme, chairman of the 17 Copperbelt-based PF MPs said loyal and committed members should seek to resolve party issues internally instead of rushing to the media, or seeking to divide the party by forming splinter groups.

Mr Chiteme said in a statement yesterday that the 17 MPs including the Independent parliamentarians from Wusakile, Chimwemwe and Kantanshi were in full support of the PF government under President Edgar Lungu.

“President Lungu has just started his first and new mandate and people should not fight him, but give him the support he deserves to govern Zambia.  As parliamentarians, we are confident that President Lungu will work hard to fulfill his campaign promises which he made to the people,

“As PF parliamentarians, we want to distance ourselves from the said new splinter party which will see its death as quickly as it has seen its birth. Loyal and committed PF members should seek to resolve party issues within the party and not in the media. They should not rush to divide the party and form parties that have no direction and vision,” said  Mr Chiteme.

Mr Chiteme, who is PF Nkana MP said that the Copperbelt-based lawmakers were in full support of President Lungu in his capacity as PF and republican President.

He was impressed by the spirit and hard work shown by each Member of Parliament in the fight against outbreak of army worms and encouraged them to even work extra hard as the people where seeing their commitment.

“The commitment and unity which was demonstrated by the MPs when the problem of Army Worms started, was a clear indication of a good spirit which is needed when you face challenges like Army worms,

“If what has been reported is true, that we have a looming invasion by locusts, then we want to ask the Minister of Agriculture to prepare adequately for the same and deliver the chemicals in advance so that we are ready for grasshoppers,” he said.

He also said that now was time to work and that MPs should seek to educate the people about the challenges facing Zambia.







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