PF splinter party formed

Sun, 15 Jan 2017 09:35:58 +0000

By Charles Musonda

SOME frustrated members of ruling Patriotic Front (PF) calling themselves “True Greens” plan to form a splinter party, latest information reveals.

But the PF says leaving the ruling party is not a solution to frustrations that some members may have and that it was normal for some people to be frustrated in a big family like the PF.

Spokesperson for the opposition Cosmo Mumba has told the Daily Nation in an interview that he has information indicating that frustrated individuals in the PF feel left out.

Dr Mumba said the “True Greens” were against President Lungu’s appointment of Minister of Finance Felix Mutati, Minister of Agriculture Dora Siliya, Minister of Local Government Vincent Mwale and other former and current MMD members serving in Government.

“As spokesperson for the opposition political parties that supported President Lungu during the campaigns for the August 11, 2016 elections, I have learnt with deep sorrow that there is a group of people in the PF who are calling themselves true greens and feel they are more PF than others.

“They have begun a campaign to incite some members in the party to frustrate Minister of Finance Felix Mutati, Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo and Minister of Agriculture Dora Siliya,” he said.

He added: “As the opposition alliance that campaigned for President Lungu we are comfortable with his selection of ministers because he has powers to appoint and disappoint. (Late) President Mwanawasa had his own team, President Chiluba had his own team and President Sata poached people like Stephen Masumba and Patrick Ngoma and what is wrong with President Lungu appointing people from other political parties?”

He said some PF members’ behavior of late was an indication that they did not wish to continue in the ruling party.

He said their plan was to take over an already existing party and one of them, whose name he could not mention for security reasons, approached him with a view of buying the New Revolution Party (NRP) from him but he refused.

Dr Mumba has since expelled his National Deputy Chairman Davison Mbewe for alleged conspiracy with the “True Greens” to take over the NRP

And PF Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya said it is normal for some people in the PF to be frustrated for various reasons.

“In every big family it is normal for people to be frustrated for various reasons. Some people are frustrated because new people have come but even when they form their own party, they will invite people to join them, meaning that the original founders will be joined by new people.

“For us it is neither here nor there and going away will not work. It is a big mistake and I am asking them to stay because going outside is not a solution. If they are saying that they have suffered for the PF that is the more reason they should stay. President Lungu has only been in office for less than six months and he is going to address the challenges that may seem to frustrate some people; those who are genuinely not happy will stay,” Mr Bwalya said.


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