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Tue, 03 Jan 2017 07:03:00 +0000

CONTINUED wrangles among Patriotic Front (PF) honchos is an exposure of those who have chosen to defy the party constitution and standing orders with impunity.

In our December 27, 2016 editorial comment, we chronicled a catalogue of events that risk putting the reputation of the party and that of its party leadership into disrepute if nothing was done about it.

We singled out Lusaka and the Copperbelt provinces to be the PF’s potential problematic areas despite being PF’s strongholds. Revelations provincial party leaders on the Copperbelt were involved in covert activities with the intention of undermining the party leadership particularly its president.

And it is now public knowledge that there have been senior members of PF calling for internal elections much to the chagrin of loyal membership.

This clique is now manifesting its true colours by pointing its brazen guns at its top party leadership, condemning efforts aimed at bringing sanity to the ruling party.

Calls by former Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge asking the PF party Chief Davis Mwila to urgently consider withdrawing the letter served on the PF Roan constituency Member of Parliament for alleged gross misconduct not only exposes those against the party but also confirms the real cause of tension within the party.

Musenge asserts that the letter should be withdrawn because it has caused disquiet among members of the party and that efforts must be made to unite the party.

How sincere and genuine is Musenge’s call on the PF secretary general? Why is Musenge trivialising the charge (s) levelled against Chishimba Kambwili? Does the ruling party only disciplines subordinate members of the party?

We do not think Musenge is sincere in his call for the withdrawal of a letter addressed to Chishimba Kambwili. The reasonable thing to do is to allow the disciplinary procedure take its full course and not attempt to interfere with the processes that try to regulate and subject the conduct of its members to a fairer and just system.

Following Musenge’s premature call would weaken the party system as it would be understood to mean that the PF has two sets of rules: one set of rules for the subservient members and another for the senior member.

Has PF become typically an ‘Animal Farm’ where all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others?

When we advised the PF to take necessary steps to restore orderliness within its rank and file, we questioned the effective of the PF disciplinary committee looking at the high scale of acts of insubordination and insolence engulfing the party.

In our view, some very senior party members, who consider themselves to be founders, had clearly set a parallel agenda targeted at causing disorder and disunity within the PF structures which actions are uncouth and deserve to be brought to a halt.

Interestingly, Musenge makes it very plain as to the causes of tension within the party particularly on the Copperbelt. He observes that the admission of new members in the PF some of whom have been offered senior positions in the party and government has created a lot of confusion.

This confirms the feud that seems raging against MMD members of Parliament who President Lungu has appointed into government provincial and cabinet ministerial positions.

Clearly, Musenge together with his minions are the cause of conflict the PF is currently experiencing as they have deliberately and defiantly chosen to work against president Lungu and the party.

Such brazen disregard for the party constitution and standing orders must be fairly but firmly dealt with to save the party from more harm.


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