Planned PF splinter party real danger -Lifwekelo

Sun, 02 Apr 2017 11:47:07 +0000



THE ruling party should not downplay the damage that the “jackals” scheming to topple the legitimate leadership can do, warns Edwin Lifwekelo

Mr Lifwekelo said the people planning a splinter ‘True Greens political party were more dangerous than external enemies since they have inside information about what the current PF leadership was doing.

Commenting on the attempts by the “true greens” to register a splinter party whose mandate was to destabilise the ruling party by infiltrating its leadership across the country to sow a seed of discord, Mr. Lifwekelo said the PF needed to be alert.

He feared that it would be disastrous if the party would treat the exposure of the sinister activities of dissatisfied PF members lightly.

He said there was need to maintain high levels of discipline among PF members to thwart any potential threat of destabilisation. He noted that what the current PF leadership had put together all these years to make it an attractive entity could collapse if certain individuals scheming for its downfall were not quickly identified and flushed out.

He said while the party had remained resolutely strong despite many agitations within, it was not immune to crumbling if the threat within it was not met with equal action.

“Intra-party unity and discipline is very important but having an enemy within who is plotting your downfall is more worrying because unlike the inter-party fights where the opponent is not privy to vital information, waging a fight with people within is more dangerous,

“It is actually worse than having a government that is divided because when a party is set apart, it cannot hold together,

A new political party calling itself the Patriotic Front “True Greens” is set for registration soon and will be used as a ladder if its top leaders and members in its schemes to infiltrate the current PF leadership and get positions.

Once embedded into the mainstream PF leadership, the ‘‘True Greens‘’ will then work to oust the current leadership.

But if it failed to do that,PF it would then launch the new the party and recruit its members from disgruntled members of the ruling party.


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