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Police chief guarantees peace during Elections


I WISH to guarantee Zambians that there will be peace and order before, during and after the August 12 general elections, Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja has said.

Mr Kanganja said the police were determined to ensure law and order prevailed in the country.

He said working with other security wings, the police would ensure that political players conduct their electoral activities in a peaceful environment.

“As Inspector General of Police, I would wish to guarantee that peace, law and order will prevail before, during and after this year’s general elections.

“I have since directed all division police commissioners to ensure that officers under their charge are alert and see to it that law and order continue prevailing in our country in line with their mandate,” Mr Kanganja said.

He said that the police began preparations of policing the August 2021 general election last year and had come up with strategies.

He said his command was more than ready to deal with those who intend to deliberately break the law.

Mr Kanganja, however, cautioned police officers against participating in active politics as their responsibility was to protect all members of the public irrespective of their political affiliation.

H urged all political parties and the public to continue on the prevailing peaceful path by avoiding violence and other criminal activities.

When he addressed parliament recently on the application of national values and principles, President Edgar Lungu assured the citizens that his Government would ensure that law and order prevailed during the elections.

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