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The UPND government has been accused of agreeing to harsh IMF economic bailout conditions which will for a long impact negatively on the living conditions of the people of Zambia.
Leader of the opposition in Parliament, Brian Mundubile, said contrary to claims by UPND administration that the former ruling party failed to conclude negotiations with the IMF, negotiations were concluded but that the deal could not go ahead because the PF government rejected the IMF proposal to remove FISP and introduce cost reflective electricity tariffs.
He disclosed that the PF concluded the negotiations but differed on conditions that were proposed by the IMF.
“We rejected the harsh IMF conditions that were going to negatively affect the Zambia people,” Mr Mundubile said in Parliament yesterday.
He said the PF chose what was best for the Zambian people.
Earlier, Kantanshi Member of Parliament Anthony Mumba asked Finance and National Planning Minister Dr Situmbeko Musokotwane, whether the government was aware that the anxiety among various stakeholders created by the delay in concluding negotiations for the International Monetary Fund bailout package, is adversely affecting the economy, and when the negotiations will be concluded.
He also asked the Minister what other measures are being taken to recover the economy if the bailout package fails.
Dr Musokotwane said there has been a lot of process towards clinching the IMF bailout.
He said the new dawn government is hopeful that all the pending issues will be resolved within this year’s budget circle.
Dr Musokotwane also said government has solid plans including 8th National Development Plan all aimed at improving the country’s economic growth.
He said the new dawn government is on course in reducing the inflation to single digit.
He accused the PF of killing the mining sector by refusing to pay tax refunds which the mines would have used to reinvest.
He said the PF was only interested in enriching their pockets and not uplifting the living standards of the people.
The minister said once the economy is stabilized the goal is to promote income generation.
He said more companies are now willing to come and invest in the country.

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