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Dear Editor,

 I am a police officer, I got married to a fellow officer.

I married the daughter to the former District commissioner who was also the campaign manager for PF in the same district in the August 11 general elections.

We wedded on 15th of October, 2016 and three weeks after the wedding on 13 November 2016 my in-law and her son, a former councillor in Lusaka came and got away my wife on reasons that they want my wife to get married to a rich man.

I pleaded with them but to no avail. A week later they brought back the dowry but I refused to get instead I sued my wife for reconciliation little did I know that the same day she sued me for divorce.

We went to court for reconciliation but she refused and right at court I was beaten by her mum, my wife, brother in-law and father in law.

I sustained a crack on my skull and was admitted to UTH for 3 days. The matter is now headed for divorce in the local court. This woman (mother-in-law) is very unkind and thinks she can humiliate me because she is a politician.

Disappointed Cop


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