Post property auction on today

Sat, 22 Apr 2017 14:11:08 +0000


THE auctioning of the property belonging to the Post Newspapers Limited in liquidation is going ahead and people must disregard media speculations alleging that it has been postponed, liquidator Lewis Mosho has clarified.

Reacting to reports suggesting that the exercise had been postponed to a later date owing to unforeseen circumstances, Mr. Mosho said those peddling lies about the exercise just wanted to discourage people from buying the properties.

He said he expected a number of people at today’s event as multitudes had been flocking to view the property to see and identify what they could bid for.

He has encouraged those who may have been lied to that the auction had been postponed to disregard such reports as they were mere fabrications.

“The auction is going ahead. Some individuals are just trying to discourage people from coming to buy otherwise people have been passing through to see which property they could purchase. Multitudes are viewing the property. Multitudes have been trekking to view the post Newspaper property and there is no going back,

“As a liquidator, I can confirm that the auction is going ahead. There is no postponement. As you are aware that media equipment is on high demand, we expect a lot of people here tomorrow (today). People should not be discouraged by these sentiments because they are not true. They are just aimed at discouraging them from buying these properties,” Mr. Mosho said.


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