President Lungu calls for prayerful Xmas

Sun, 25 Dec 2016 10:34:48 +0000



 PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu yesterday appealed to all Zambians to commemorate Christmas by engaging in prayer and worship, helping the needy, and making a personal contribution to making the world around them a better place.

The Head of State said despite the challenges that Zambia was facing, there was need for citizens to celebrate the blessings bestowed upon the nation as a Christian Nation.

“It is imperative that citizens lead by example in carrying out good deeds as the Almighty God demands of all Christians” said President Lungu

In his Christmas message to the nation, President Lungu said for a Christian Nation like Zambia, Christmas represented the very celebration of life itself and therefore, the best way to honour God was to remain prayerful, show love and compassion to others, and share with those in need.

“Let us all work towards making the world a better place. Let us give to the less privileged, visit the sick and those in our prisons. Let us engage in acts of compassion generally because this is the example our Messiah left us. This is how we can meaningfully remember the birth of Jesus Christ,”

“For those of us in leadership across various facets of life, let us always bear in mind that service to humanity should always be an opportunity to renew our commitment to God, family and country,” said President Lungu

The President has also appealed to Zambians to refrain from activities that would jeopardise their lives such as drunken driving and excessive drinking

“It is now my earnest prayer that I send this message out to the nation believing that God will excuse what our actions contains of error, and forgive our human imperfection,

“ Let us all take this opportunity to make a new beginning and thank God for seeing us through a difficult year particularly with regard to the contests of the August 11 general elections.” he said.



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