Probe ZCF, Malawi maize saga-Musoma

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WE demand for a thorough investigation in the alleged maize scandal between Zambia and Malawi so that the world can know the truth because Zambia’s image has been dented, the Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) has said.

ZRP president Wright Musoma told the Sunday Nation that the maize scandal was embarrassing and had dented the image of Zambia in the region, adding that a thorough investigation should be conducted to bring the culprits to book.

“Zambia is again hitting international news for all the wrong reasons. For Malawi to demand for an inquiry into this transaction, it means something is amiss. Keeping mute over the matter will not save the situation and that is why an investigation should be instituted so that if there was nothing wrong with the contract, we can clear ourselves of any wrong-doing before the international community,” Mr Musoma.

Meanwhile, impeccable sources have revealed that as a way of finding ground to terminate the contract between ADMARC and Kaloswe, senior officials from the ministry and ZCF went to Malawi to convince ADMARC to dump Kaloswe for Trans Globe because the company was cheaper.

After that meeting, ADMARC communicated to Kaloswe expressing displeasure over the transaction.

In order to “resolve the matter” between Kaloswe and ADMARC, ZCF wrote to Kaloswe on 7th October, 2016 informing them of the meeting scheduled for Monday, 10th October, 2016 at 10:00 at the ZCF office, a meeting which was to be attended by the three organisations in which ADMARC was to be represented by its director of administration and company secretary, George Bakuwa.

On the same date, Kaloswe sent an email to ADMARC to find out why ZCF had called for the meeting and ADMARC confirmed that ZCF had travelled to Malawi to try and “resolve” the issue.

The first email from Kaloswe read, “We have received an invitation letter from ZCF saying one of your officials is coming through ZCF for a meeting. May you kindly appraise us on this one?” to which Mr. Bakuwa responded:

“ZCF paid ADMARC a visit. Looking at the issues involved, it was agreed that Kaloswe ought to form part and parcel of the discussions, hence the planned meeting in Lusaka and your invitation.” Mr. Bakuwa said.

It was from this meeting that Kaloswe decided to sue ZCF for breach of contract after it became apparent that ZCF was playing double standards. Kaloswe is also contemplating suing ADMARC over the same issue.

Contrary to claims by Mr. Mulumbe, that the Malawian government terminated a contract with Kaloswe in June, the transactions continued up to October according to documents in our possession, when the disagreement ended into Kaloswe suing ZCF for breach of contract.


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