Prove you bank-rolled FDD, Nawakwi challenged

Wed, 29 Mar 2017 12:22:42 +0000



EDITH Nawakwi should show FDD members the audited statement of accounts to prove that she has been the sole funder of the party ‘‘so that we can thank her as she leaves the party’’, says Chifumu Banda.

Mr Banda said that the FDD leader should not just be claiming that she had been funding the party but should produce the audited accounts that proved so.

He said during the launch of the ‘‘save FDD committee’’ that FDD had survived thus far because of the contributions from the party members.

Mr Banda, who has been expelled as FDD vice president, said that no one person could claim to have solely funded the FDD because each and every member had been subjected to contributions.

He reiterated that the general membership of the party did not know how the funds had been utilized and that it was the reason why they had been requesting for audited accounts. Mr Banda also said that it was the FDD constitutional requirement to have the accounts audited periodically.

“Since Ms Nawakwi has been claiming to be funding the party on her own, let her bring the audited accounts which will even indicate that she has been the sole funder of the party. Once she does that we will thank her for being a gallant leader.

“We will prove that she loves the party as much as we do once we see the audited re-ports because it is written in the party constitution that accounts should be audited,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Banda said that most of the FDD aspiring parliamentary candidates in last year’s elections did not make it because they were not well supported by the party.

He said that only members based in Lusaka and those close to Ms Nawakwi were bene-fiting from the party resources.

Mr Banda emphasized that the party would have had more people in Parliament had the aspiring candidates received enough support from the party.

He said that even Ms Nawakwi performed badly in the presidential election because she was ‘‘spoiling the wrong people’’ who were not even registered voters.


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