RDA angers motorists over slow bridge works on Lumumba Road

Fri, 24 Feb 2017 13:47:13 +0000




MOTORISTS have demanded that the Zambia National Service or Zambia Army be hired to expedite the works on the junction of Lumumba and Mwembeshi roads, which has progressed at snails pace under RDA.

The motorists said workers had been on the site for over two weeks, and kept office hours working from 08:00 to 17:00 and never on weekends, but the project did not seem to be making any progress.

A check by Daily Nation found most of the workers idling under a nearby tree with only one of them working.

A motorist, Lackson Zulu wondered why the works had taken so long to finish when similar projects had been completed in a short time.

Mr Zulu said that the men constructing the bridge had been working normal hours per day but that it had taken three weeks to complete only 50 percent of the works.

“These people are not serious, they have been working on this small bridge for over three weeks now but not even half of the work has been done. If it was the Army or ZNS they would have finished this job in two days” he said. Mr Zulu explained that the area around the bridge had been flooded ever since the beginning of the rainy season. And a bus driver only identified as Emmanuel said that the drainage system around the area was very bad and that it was a good thing that RDA had come in to open up the area. He however also expressed concern that the bridge had taken too long to complete when workers were seen on site every day.





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