RDA begins patching up Lumumba

Thu, 05 Jan 2017 15:21:40 +0000


ROAD Development Agency (RDA) has started patching the deplorable Lumumba road after complaints from the motorists that the road is threatening life and property.

A check by the Daily Nation found workers from RDA carrying out some road works on the road.

Mr Rahid Rashid a motorist said the road was no longer safe and beyond repair because it had outlived its lifespan, hence RDA should construct a new road to safeguard the lives of citizens.

“Driving on Lumumba road is risky because anything can happen. Besides, this road has claimed many lives due to its poor state and some drivers are very careless on the road,” he said. He said RDA should move in quickly and find temporal measures whilst waiting for a permanent solution to be found.

Another motorist Kelvin Mubanga a truck driver said small vehicles were being destroyed due to the state of the road particularly the shocks and samples.

But RDA director for communication and corporate affairs Loyce Saili said plans were underway by the agency to re-construct Lumumba road, as well as Mugwi and Airport roads in a second phase of the road development programme.

Ms Saili said the road is part of the L400 project which is a contractor finance project, and that the Agency was awaiting the release of funds for works to commence.


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