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UPND’s one-man show

Dear Editor,

I can’t help responding in support of Justice Minister Given Lubinda’s well-articulated ministerial statement on the status of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) report in Parliament with respect to the Zambian democratic scenario.

I think his assessment was accurate and to the point that attempts by the UPND to undermine Zambian democracy have been rebuffed by the international community that has ranked it highly on the democracy index (“UPND is one-man show, says Lubinda”, Daily Nation, March 29, 2017).

As the Justice Minister rightly pointed out that the UPND had never been to a national convention for a decade now, if not longer, the critics say that almost 11 years in UPND top leadership and presidential election serial losing have changed Hakainde Hichilema and the signs are not good.

They say he has become less tolerant of opposing views, and his language has become more combative.

When in September 2016, the UPND lost a presidential election petition ruling in the Constitutional Court, the UPND president appeared on Muvi television and lambasted the judges calling them crooks and criminals not worth the clothing of judicial wigs and gowns.

Not forgetting, Hichilema’s former friend Canisius Banda – with whom he began the struggle together against the PF regime – openly proposed the holding of the national convention after Hakainde Hichilema’s 5-time failed attempt at Zambia’s presidency.

When the former did so, he was booted out of the party. For an opposition party’s top honcho of 11 years, if one was not very clear and careful it could go to his head.

He’s got the financial power and ethnic political clout and he thinks he could do anything. Hichilema thinks he is the UPND and he thinks if he’s not around the opposition party would not go forward.

In his view, the difference between the UPND and himself and the UPND and Southern Province’s become thinner and thinner.

As the political temperature rises in Zambia ahead of the 2021 elections, it appears as though come 2021, Hakainde Hichilema has already accomplished his goal of choosing a UPND presidential election candidate successor – and he has chosen himself.

He thinks UPND members of parliament are his tools and pawns at his beck and call to massage his 2016 post-election bruised ego by absenting themselves during the state of the nation address by President Edgar Lungu in Parliament.

Meanwhile, the opposition political party is fast rushing back to the tin pot dictatorship of yester years. Does that suggest a UPND intra-party democracy? By all accounts, the UPND’s one-man show.

Mubanga Luchembe


LUSAKA Why not  African  Criminal Court?

Dear Editor,

Firstly, I wish to commend the Zambian government, for instituting a countrywide consultative process regarding whether or not, our nation has to stay or quit subscribing to the existence of the ICC. This is, as it should be in democratic nation, such as Zambia.

Secondly, I wish to state categorically, that the premise or the overriding purpose, upon which the ICC were founded, still remains valid and relevant to Zambia in particular, and to Africa in general.

Africa has not yet weaned itself of completely, of despotic rule in certain instances, and also a disregard of the rule of law with impunity.  For a long time, those who commit atrocities against their own kith and kin, deserve to be punished for their inhuman activities.   As such, having a court that helps member states to bring to book truant individuals, is very much welcome.

Thirdly, it is common knowledge however, that the bulk of those individuals whom the ICC has indicted since inception, are more than 99percnt of African descent.

Thus, it is just logical for any concerned patriot to deduce that the essence, for the existence of the ICC, is that meant for dealing with the Africans.

Therefore, it becomes common sense, for one to infer that the ICC would be better off, referred to as the African Criminal Court.

Consequently, the said court should find its residence on the African soil.

Not only should the court be situated on the African continent, but also be fully managed by the African people.

Africa must come of age, and take up the responsibility to adjudicate over the matters of its own people.

Fourthly, Africa does not need to continue complaining about the partiality of the ICC, but swiftly act on bringing to existence of its own court.

The court should be situated in a nation that is economically stable, militarily strong and which is democratically thriving. In my humble opinion, South Africa would be a natural choice to fit into that criteria.

Lastly, Zambia has to quit the ICC as soon as yesterday. Zambia does not need to quit the ICC in order to promote impunity, but to give birth to something more potent and relevant, the ACC.

It is time we realized that might is not always right. Therefore, we should never continue waiting upon the powerful and wealthy to lead the way. Let Africa arise and chart its way forward.

Long live Africa, and God bless Zambia!

Charles Mwila Mutambala


Better World, (Z) Enact stiffer laws  to protect scribes

Dear Editor

,I write to appeal and urge the Government to enact stiffer laws to protect scribes.

It has become evident that scribes are many a time facing the wrath of political cadres and opportunists at will without perpetrators being accountable.

Scribes, whether from Government or private institutions need protection because they are our source of much needed information to make Zambia an informed nation?

The attack by some UPND Cadres on Radio Phoenix and Millennium Radio Journalists on Tuesday 28th May, 2017 are unwarranted, uncalled for and barbaric to say the least.

And the explanation that the two were mistaken for Government Journalists does not hold water because them too have the same professional duty journalists are vested with.

It is for this reason that I appeal to the powers that may be to enact stiffer laws to curb the perpetrators of such vices.

Let us not make journalists become vulnerable to ridicule, insults and beating when they are facing the same challenges every Zambian is facing.


Wisdom Muyunda



What is wrong with Hichilema?

Dear Editor,

I strongly believe that Hichilema the president of UPND has a very serious indescribable problem. Look at this, the UPND will not recognize President Lungu as duly elected President, Hichilema demands that ECZ must be disbanded, Concourt Judges, the Speaker of the National Assembly and the Inspector General of Police to resign. He also demands Judge Chitabo to recuse himself from his case. The list is endless and Zambians should not be surprised when they hear that Hichilema says all those who did not vote for him must leave the country. I have been in politics for over 45 years and never ever have I come across a politician of Hichilemas caliber. What’s wrong with this man?

 Micky, Ndola



HH’s followers are blind


All those listening to the UPND leader, HH are blind followers who don’t know politics and how Government is run, including their leader. It was better for HH to start from the grassroots for him to become a good leader. Being rich and having wisdom are two different things. A person should be wise and mature enough to be a good a leader, while riches come in so many different ways. Some are invisible, some through hard work and inheritance so HH should not cheat himself that he can run a country because of what he is. Be a ward councilor, an MP, Minister and then President like others have done.

 Lawrence Tembo, Lusaka




Senior UPND MPs scared 


The UPND is like a father with only stupid sons. If Mazoka was to rise from the grave today he would be disappointed with his lost followers. UPND has no direction! They cannot evade what has been proven plainly. It was a planned move to boycott the state address by President Lungu. The Speaker should take a serious punishment so as to eliminate future problems. UPND can’t govern this country because they don’t possess descent morals.

 Derrick, Kanyama



UPND should hold rallies in their strongholds


Let the police give UPND permit to hold a rally in their stronghold areas and not in the PF strongholds.

 Mwamba Lombe, Lusaka



Why should the UPND go unpunished?


Why should Government let UPND keep on insulting our President, Speaker of the National Assembly and the police for providing security at Chainama Hotel coupled with the beating of Journalists? Who is HH to insult our leaders and who is he not to apologize for the wrongs ever committed by his party, namely, his insults and incites, GBM’s insults and unruly behavior in Parliament by his MP’s, boycotting of Parliament by his MP’s, insults, beatings and battering’s by his criminal cadres all in the full basket of crimes against humanity. They should just be de-registered. ICC, here we come!




UPND leaders corrupt


The UPND leaders are corrupting their followers with lies that they won elections for fear of going to the convention. A big sign that the UPND is full of corrupt minds.

 Concerned citizen



Chongwe cries for more Zanaco ATMs


ZANACO PLC should introduce another ATM in Chongwe and ensure the only one available is constantly monitored. The customer base is growing in the district and it is sad that people have to travel to Lusaka to access cash when they want to buy requisites in Chongwe. Better still a local branch would help a great deal just like Finance Bank did.

Concerned customer, Chongwe


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