Regional integrationto enhance Zambia’s  economic participation 

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GOVERNMENT says the implementation of Regional Integration Capacity Building (RICB) will accelerate Zambia’s participation in regional economic communities for enhanced regional economic integration.

Project coordinator at the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry Simon Ngona said the implementation of the activities under this project included enhancing national non-tariff barriers (NTB) monitoring mechanism.

Mr Ngona said the outcomes also included contributing towards enhancing trade facilitation and support services.

“It will also support efforts towards improving the enabling environment which should result in improved performance of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) engaged in the handloom, textile and clothing, and leather sectors,” he said.

He said while the result areas of the overall RICB project were broader, key specific interventions were drawn and these acted as springboards towards achieving the aforementioned result areas.

He said among some of the interventions implemented included setting up of a local NTB monitoring and reporting system and producing reports on supply surveys for cotton and leather sectors.

Mr Ngona said others were conducting in-country market research for cotton and leather and identifying and engaging of potential South-South cooperation partners for transfer of knowhow.

“Others are providing technical capacity building trainings to enhance skills in, setting up of a Handloom Centre of Excellence, cluster operations and effective organisation of handloom garments and textile production.

“Quality control techniques and technical standards, and creation or development of new designs and products of fabrics, made-ups and garments,” he said.



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