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Sanlam Life Insurance Zambia, formerly known as African Life Insurance Zambia, has been operational in Zambia since 2002 with the initial capital investment of K6.3 billion. The company changed its name from African Life Assurance to Sanlam Life Insurance Zambia in May 2016.


Who owns Sanlam Life Insurance Zambia?

Sanlam Life Insurance Zambia is part of a pan-African Financial Services Group, a leading financial services group in Africa. The group was established in 1918, it demutualised in 1998 and Sanlam Limited listed on the Johannesburg stock exchange and Namibian stock exchange. Its main focus is on individual Life Assurance, Group Life Covers, Annuity Business, Medical Health Insurance and Bancassurance products. Sanlam Zambia, formerly known as African Life Insurance, was initially set up and licensed as a 100% subsidiary of African Life South Africa before it became part of the Sanlam Group.


Sanlam Group footprint

Sanlam Group has its headquarters in Bellville in the Western Cape, South Africa with the business presence in Australia, Malaysia, United States of America, and India. It also operates in 34 African countries namely Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Niger, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Cote D’ivoire, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Congo-Brazzaville, Angola, Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Lebanon, and Zambia.


Sanlam Zambia Clients

Sanlam Life Insurance Zambia Limited focuses on having a thorough understanding of its clients’ business and their industrial sector. This enables the company to identify and respond proactively to their key business, legal, and other regulatory issues and needs.

Furthermore, Sanlam structures and packages its products in an analytical and holistic approach to ensure that it meets and caters for its clients’ industrial  demands and requirements, vis-a-vis specific industry processes, risks and requirements. Sanlam’s goal is to help its client’s plan and reach their desired objectives in the best possible way.

Hence Sanlam Life Insurance Zambia boosts of a 35% Zambian insurance market share with the trust and patronage of reputable clients from various sectors such as:


  • Banking
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Transport
  • Energy
  • Tourism and entertainment
  • Health
  • Agriculture,
  • Manufacturing
  • Information and Communication
  • Financial Capital Services, and
  • Technology.



  • To be the insurer of choice




  • To optimize stakeholder value by proving insurance life products

and honouring our promises and commitments  Values


  • Courage – Lead with courage
  • Pride – Serve with pride
  • Care & Respect – Care because we respect others
  • Integrity & Accountability – Act with integrity & accountability
  • Innovation – Grow value through innovation and superior



Product Array

Sanlam Zambia understands that its clients’ social and business environments are dynamic as a result its team has developed business and personal products that suit all its clients insurance needs although they also tailor made products according to the customer’s needs. The core products of Sanlam Life Insurance are as follows:

  • Credit Life Insurance
  • Bancassurance Product Range
  • Range of Individual Life products from entry to HNWI schemes
  • Group Life Assurance
  • Group Last Expenses Schemes
  • Family Protection Plan
  • Family Protection
  • Annuity Gold
  • Sancare Medical Insurance


Why should you take up cover with Sanlam Life Insurance Zambia?

  • Sanlam has experienced and qualified Staff and Management team
  • Prides itself in prompt claims turnaround times, as it settles claims

within 48 hours upon production of full documentation

  • The company also has a wide range of products, serving diverse

needs of clients

  • Sanlam is innovative in product development and product


  • It has a wide and broad footprint across the country
  • It is the first point of call for smart partnerships by big and r

enowned brands in Zambia and globally.

  • Sanlam values every kwacha given to them because they know you

ave worked hard for it and what it means to you.


Sanlam staff training programmes

Sanlam is continuously investing in training of its human capital thus over 50 Sales Agents and members of staff are trained annually both in country and in South Africa aimed at equipping staff with critical and relevant skills to serve clients better.


Sanlam social responsibility programmes

Sanlam has a number of social responsibility programmes aimed at giving

back to the community.

  • Sanlam has an HIV/AIDS Group policy for its members of staff
  • Since the beginning of this ye ar, Sanlam has adopted Zambia Army

Angling Annual Event as the main sponsors of the event with a view

to promoting fish farming in the country.

  • It also sponsored Mr Francis Kaunda’s book ‘Things to Remember Not to Forget’. Mr Kaunda was a former Chief Executive Officer of the Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines (ZCCM) before it was privatised. The book talks about Zambia’s economic transitions, which Sanlam Zambia appreciates as it is a source of valuable economic information for future generations.


Diversity and Inclusion programmes

Sanlam is working on a financial empowering programme that would give an opportunity to Zambia’s small and medium entrepreneurs in printing and advertising business by engaging them in the production of Sanlam advertising materials. On the other hand, the company is in the process of embarking on a programme that would enable its member to diversify from the use of electric energy to more sustainable means as a way of conserving the environment.


Sanlam social responsibility programmes

Sanlam Life Zambia’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Programmes are an embodiment of its higher purpose of helping to create a world worth living in and enabling people to live the best possible life within it. All CSI programmes are premised on the business’ larger sustainability framework which encompasses Sound Governance, People Development, Responsible Products/services, Environmental Impact and Prosperous Society. Sanlam believes that any CSI activities need to have social, economic, or environmental impact rather than tactical plans aimed at short-term gains and results derived from a compliance-based approach.


As a founding signatory to the United Nations Environmental Programme Finance Initiative Principles for Sustainable Insurance (UNEP FI PSI) which includes the Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI), Sanlam is committed to embedding relevant and material environmental, social and governance factors into their business decisions. Sanlam is also committed to aligning their strategy and plans to support national and global imperatives, plans and frameworks. Some of Sanlam’s past CSI programmes have addressed the following issues:


  1. Enterprise and Supplier Development – supporting and capacitating businesses inside and outside of the Sanlam supply chain to create jobs and create shared economic value;


  1. Consumer Financial Literacy – providing meaningful interactions which can impact financial knowledge levels and behaviour shifts; and


  1. Socio-economic development – education, environmental stewardship (water conservation), and HIV/Aids;


In the more recent past, Sanlam Life Zambia has:

  1. Adopted the Zambia Army Annual Angling competition and committed to be the main sponsor of the annual event to, among other things, help motivate thought-leadership in the development of fish farming as a commercially viable business as well as developing Angling as a major sport in the country;


  1. Co-sponsored the launch of the book “Things to Remember Not to Forget”, authored by Francis Kaunda – a senior citizen and former Chief Executive Officer of the Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines. The essence of the book, says Simachila M Makwembo Sanlam Life Zambia CEO, resonates with Sanlam’s core business philosophy – we are Wealthsmiths. For us it is more than just a word or a marketing payoff line. It is a statement of who we are and what we do. It’s a promise to take the money that you give us and work very carefully with it. To respect it. And work very, very hard to turn it into meaning, so you can have the best life possible. That’s what makes us Wealthsmiths! In its narrative, the book is a very deep call to stewardship by every Zambian citizen to leave things better than they found them.


  1. Donated funds to the Cheshire Homes to support vulnerable and disabled children some of whom suffer from cerebral palsy, polio, gangrene, spina bifida, hydrocephalus, and HIV/AIDS.


Where can you find Sanlam Insurance Zambia offices?


Lusaka Province

Corner of Ituna and Nasser Road

Tel: +260 211 257713-15


Central Province

  • Kabwe


Copperbelt province

  • Kitwe
  • Ndola
  • Chingola
  • Mufulira


Northern Province

  • Kasama
  • Mpika


Luapula Province

  • Mansa


Muchinga Province

  • Chinsali


Eastern Province

  • Chipata

Southern Province

  • Mazabuka
  • Choma
  • Livingstone

Western Province

  • Mongu

North Western Province

  • Solwezi


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