Sata’s granddaughter sues for maintenance

Sat, 17 Dec 2016 09:37:18 +0000

By Bennie Mundando

FORMER President Michael Sata’s granddaughter Caroline Mulenga Bweupe has dragged prominent engineer and consultant Abel Ng’andu to court for alleged failure to provide for his child.

According to the notice of service of process by substituted service filed in the Lusaka Subordinate court of the first class, Ms. Bweupe, 38, is demanding among other things, affiliation and maintenance orders for paternity and maintenance respectively of the non-marital child she has with Mr. Ng’andu, 44.

Ms.  Bweupe is also demanding for costs on the proceedings and any other relief the court could deem fit.

She is also demanding that the service of process be advertised in a daily newspaper circulating in Zambia and that cost of such be borne by Mr. Ng’andu

“Take note that proceedings have been commenced by Caroline Mulenga Bweupe (suing on behalf of the minor Ariel McQueen Peter Mweemba as mother and next friend) against you Abel Ng’andu in the matter in which the said complainant is claiming from you maintenance.

“By order of the court dated 9th day of December, 2016, it has been directed that the service process herein be by advertisement in a daily newspaper circulating in Zambia and the costs thereof be done by yourself, as has been done herein,” the notice reads in part.


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